CHRIST like Consciousness

Hello, my dear soul! A Great Event has occurred, and I hurry to share it with you, as you are one of the wisest, most talented, and capable students. My love, you are reading these lines precisely because you have a Great Mission. You have a very bright soul, and now a Great Event is unfolding in which you can become involved. Congratulations to you!
Dear, an extraordinary animated film has been released which is transforming consciousness!
This cartoon is the Great saving knowledge for the people of earth! A priceless gift from the forces of light! Civilization’s salvation has arrived! It is crucial that as many people as possible watch this animated film and discover the truth through it. Through it, humanity will be saved! This cartoon has been released to prevent the third world war! The children who watch this animated film will become prodigies.
If adults understand the film, all problems will be solved.  
This cartoon contains a deep meaning and provides answers to all life questions, absolutely all of them! Each episode reveals new secrets of life beyond Earth, different forms of life, numerous worlds, and a variety of beings on the subtle plane: angels, spirits, larvae, extra terrestrials… It offers explanations and solutions to all life situations that any person may face: illnesses, misunderstandings, loneliness, and the search for oneself.
 This animated film contains sacred knowledge that will save our civilization
Dear, it is the panacea for us Earthlings! It is important to convey this truth to all people in the world so that each person watches this cartoon and familiarize themselves with this knowledge. hen there will be more goodness, love, and light on Earth. People will understand where difficulties come from on Earth and how to overcome them.
Dear, the Universe is counting on your help. You are spiritually evolved and mature, with so much love in your heart that this love acts as a healing medicine for anyone who is near you. Help now and take upon yourself the Power to become a source of salvation wisdom for all!

Dear, thank you for your invaluable contribution to the salvation of humanity! It is a great blessing to have sacred individuals like you in this world, who are sincerely willing to help spread wisdom and knowledge throughout the Earth. May the Force be with you!