1. Cancer is not a disease
2. Cancer is part of our immune system
3. Cancer cells have not mutated - an over-replication mechanism has been activated in them to envelop bacteria and fungi and not die from them in 2 hours
4. EVERY cell of ours is cancerous - and if necessary it will save us from infections
5. CANCER is activated when our immune system weakens - if it is strong and healthy - CANCER will NEVER be activated
6. If we don't heal our immune system or kill the pathogens inside us - fungus or bacteria - the CANCER system can grow so large that it clogs vital organs and arteries
7. CANCER HAS NO DISTRESSES - the scatters are of MICROORGANISMS - for this, tumors should not be confused with biopsy needles - this is how the infection is transmitted!!!!
8. Causes of the immune response called CANCER are fungi and bacteria.
9. In order to destroy the fungi, we need to alkalize our body - this is done with alkaline foods and bicarbonate of soda. The Italian doctor Simoncini cured thousands of patients with only bicarbonate of soda before the medical-pharmaceutical mafia destroyed him.
10. If the immune response CANCER is caused by bacteria - Vitamin B17 (amygdalin) is used - it is the strongest antibiotic in nature, plants use it to protect the MOST VALUABLE they have - their seeds!!! It is in ALL SEEDS - if you eat raw nuts and seeds regularly - you will NEVER get CANCER!!!! From it is the bitter taste of apricots and almonds.
1. The third method of treatment is with Dr. Rife's frequencies - if you hold a glass in front of the speaker and play a sound with its resonant frequency - it bursts, if you send a current through a person's body with the resonant frequency of a bacterium, fungus or virus - it bursts (without damaging the cells which are much larger) - with this method Dr. Rife cured thousands before the pharmaceutical doctor mafia destroyed him!!!!!
Remember what is written and be HEALTHY!!!!
That's why the products of the Vertera company take care of keeping our immune system strong.