Medical Intuition

INTUITION is a spiritual faculty and does not explain, but simply points the way!

All Intuition is a science of the Soul. In fact Medical intuition is used to diagnoze not just existing medical conditions but as prevention and correction of your lifestyle which could cause disease The Medical intuitive has the ability to sense different energies and channel them for healing after he has identified the root cause of the problem. The MRI Body scan looks for areas or imbalances that need treatment or alignment. The Assessments gives information for the current state of the physical Health of the person, his chakras. It includes also exploration of your historical and/or past-life events , which might inflience your financial , relationship situations or your emotional state and well-being. The medical intuitive assessment is intended to open our energies to the areas of our lives and our selves to our Wounded part that are most in need of repair.

Energy Healing Systems

Emotions are energies, and when a person is in a balanced state, they flow in, through and out of us all the time. However problems arise when this doesn’t happen and instead, these energies can get stuck. This can occur because of one of two reasons which are: Holding onto negative emotions or limiting beliefs – or indeed, any emotional problem – can negatively affect the whole energy system if the difficulty isn’t resolved or diminished.

The fundamental principle of EFT is that all negative emotions are the result of an underlying disturbance in the body’s subtle energy system or Energy Body (i.e. the meridians or energy pathways which crisscross all the organs and systems of the physical body).

Vihriom is a new energy system for self-healing, healing and rejuvenation, cleansing of negative energy influences and protection from them at all levels. The systems has been received by Chris Denev during meditation, and has been developed in the second half of 2015. It is suitable for all people, who are open and willing to change their lives. The conducted tests using the method of color coronal spectral analysis of Prof. Ignatov, revealed unique results.